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Boost the flavour of turkey with this ingredient

Cooking a turkey can be an epic endeavour but you can avoid dry flavourless turkey breasts with flavoured butter. Flavoured butter is incredibly easy to make ahead so it’s ready to boost the flavour of turkey or chicken. Plus, it helps keep the breast from drying out. Bonus!

Making herb butter is also great way to reduce waste as you use up an entire block of butter. Don’t worry, you don’t have to use it all at once. Once made and rolled into a log, herb butter can be frozen for up to 1 month. Simply remove from the freezer and slice a piece as you need it. Although, if a recipe call for the whole herb butter log and it’s frozen solid, remember to pop about 3 days before use to ensure it’s ready when you are.

How to boost the flavour of turkey with herbed butter

To flavour your birds this Christmas, simply slice the herbed butter and stuff beneath the skin of a chicken or turkey to keep the breast moist during cooking. Here’s how:

  • Using your fingers and working from the base of each breast, gently separate the skin from the breast meat to form two pockets.
  • Stuff slices of herbed butter into each pocket, trying to cover the entire breast if possible. Replace the skin and carefully massage the butter evenly over the breasts.
  • Then roast the bird as you normally would.

Herb butters are also great to use as a base when sautéing veggies or dot pieces of the herb butter over your carrots and other veggies before roasting.

Recipes to try 

In the below image, you have a choice of three different of flavours of herb butters to try. Choose from a shallot, oregano and lemon butter; spiced citrus butter; or a spring onion, chilli and lime butter.



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