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The Big Feed’s Yummy Little Seed Squares

Seed Squares from the big feed

As I tap away on my keyboard I am also clever enough to be snacking on a honey, apricot & cranberry seed square from The Big Feed. A chunky little not-too-sweet morsel to get me through the standard mid-afternoon starvation period.

This seed square treat is a collaboration between the Children’s Food Education Foundation and the Spotted Cow Cookie Company. What’s even better is that it’s also a gluten free, nut free and dairy free energy snack (right up my ally!). The Seed Square is the first product to be released under The Big Feed brand and it has a very special purpose.

Kay Richardson, Executive Director of the Foundation, explains: “The Big Feed is a social enterprise created by the Foundation on a mission to engage young people through food education, food enterprise and social innovation so they can live well and realise their potential. The Seed Square business will sustain our charitable work for marginalised young people as well as creating employment and vocational learning opportunities.”

The Seed Square recipe was developed by Anna Phillips, from On The Plate, who has volunteered for the Foundation for a number of years. “I wanted to create a healthy snack, without nuts, that was not too sweet but tasty and satisfying enough to get you through to your next meal. I was also inspired by all those amazing people raising funds and competing in sports endurance events so the Seed Square delivers a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, slow releasing carbs for level blood sugar and healthy fats from the seeds.”

I wish I had just finished a vigorous game of indoor netball and needed this little snack to top up my carbs… I’m actually just hungry for something savoury and this really hits the spot. How handy for me I’m also raising money for charity as I munch. You can easily help out this wonderful cause and buy the seed squares here.

More about The Big Feed

The Big Feed presents young people with various food concepts and demonstrates how it this connects to their lives. When young people are given a tangible experience of healthy behaviours and social innovation it makes it easier for them to find the motivation to create a better life.

Recipes from The Big Feed

The big feed recipes

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