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7 Big-batch cooking tips

As we move into the cooler months it’s time to make the freezer your best friend. Let’s be honest know one wants to spend their whole week in the kitchen and who has time for that?

Big-batch cooking can really help to prepare meals if you have guests coming over or even in general if you are time poor during the week.

If you can find a couple of days to devote to doing some big-batch cooking jump on it.

Here are some handy tips to remember when big-batching cooking.

7 Big-batch cooking tips
  1. Make a plan: decide what recipes you are going to cook before getting into it. Be sure to check you have all the spices and pantry items required.
  2. Choose the recipes: prepare meals your familiar with, and ones that the family loves. Stews, soups and casseroles are classic freezable dishes.
  3. Containers: there is nothing worst than doing a big cook up to find there aren’t enough plastic containers. If need be, stock up on more containers or freezer bags.
  4. Under-cook you veg: just rememebe your meals will get a second round of cooking when your ready to heat. So slightly under-cook your veg to prevent them from going mushy.
  5. Cool foods fully: be sure to let all your dishes come to room temperature before freezing them. But once they’re at room temperature freeze immediately to prevent any growth of bacteria.
  6. Labels: labelling your meals with the name and date, will help if the dish has been in there for three months.
  7. Freeze in usable portions: unless your feeding a football team all at once, consider the portion size you will need for a meal and freeze it in appropriate containers.


Big-batch cooking recipes to try 





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