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The best way to pick, store and ripen pears

We love cooking seasonally – what better time to enjoy fruit and veg at their best – and this season sings pears. Juicy, fresh and full of flavour, grab them now for a guilt-free snack or get some extra to add them to your favourite breakfast, lunch or dinner recipes.

If brekkie smoothies are your thing, toss some pear pieces in for natural sweetness, and you certainly can’t go past pears in a classic tart Tatin with crispy, buttery pastry.

Before you start cooking with pears, get to know the fabulous Australian varieties on offer and tips about how to store, prepare and cook with them.


Choose the perfect pear variety this with insightful guide for pear season.


How to pick a pear 

When picking a pear, keep your purpose in mind. If you are purchasing pears for a future recipe, choose one that is firmer to ensure it isn’t too soft when the time comes.

If you simply want to a pear for immediate eating, lightly press the pear on its stem. You want it to give slightly but not be too soft.

How to store pears 

Store pears out of direct sunlight at room temperature. Once ripe, it is best to keep pears in the fridge.

How to ripen a pear 

If your pear is still a little firm, follow this simple pear-ripening tip.



Recipes made with pears 

Pears continue to amaze us with their cooking potential. There are no limits when it comes to cooking with pears. As a simple snack, on a pizza or in divine and impressive desserts. Try for yourself with one of these recipes.




Pear & Oat Slice by Australian Pears:  CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE





*DISCLAIMER – Australian Pears is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Australian Pears and our own opinions.  Find out more about Australian Pears 



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