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6 of the best carrot recipes

Carrots, along with onions, are one of the hardest working veg. They play an unsung yet essential part in a lot of everyday meals. You’ll find carrots hidden in soups, sauces and pies and casseroles. But carrots can also be the star of the show in dishes such as roasts, salads and even sweets such as carrot cake or muffins. Here are five of the best carrot recipes for you to try now.

To peel or not to peel?

You don’t really need to peel carrots. Rather keep the skin on. Give them a good wash and scrub to remove any residual dirt before chopping or cooking.

Not only does it save you time and added organic waste, a lot of the fibre and nutrients are present in the skin. Why throw away all that goodness if you don’t have to.

6 of the best carrot recipes

There’s a real sweet pleasure in crunching your way through a fresh carrot straight from the fridge (sensitive teeth aside). But single serves aside, try carrots, chopped, cut into ribbons and whole roasted in these delicious recipes.







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