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A collection of the best apple recipes to try now

Best apple recipes to eat now

There’s just so many great dishes to make with apples, almost as many as there are varieties. It’s a remarkably versatile fruit that works its magic in sweet and savoury meals alike. No matter which variety of apple, you can’t go wrong with this guide to the best apple recipes to eat now.

How to store: fridge vs fruit bowl

This debate all depends on your kitchen conditions. Storing in a fruit bowl is suitable when the conditions are cool and dry. If you choose this method you must also be aware of the other fruits in the bowl. For example you wouldn’t want to store ethylene producing fruits like apples, pears and avocados with ethylene sensitive fruits like bananas.

If you feel as if your fruit is beginning to over-ripen, put it in the crisper section of your fridge. You will also want to store your apples in the fridge if the air temperature is hot or you simply want to enjoy your fruit nice and cold.


Depending on what you wish to do with your apples, here a few preparation methods:

Juicing: Amazingly, many juicers will take whole apples, making it nice and easy to make fresh fruit juice. If not just cut the apple in quarters.

Sweet desserts: Some recipes will call for cubed apples, others for nice thin slices. Whichever way, start by peeling the skin, then using a spoon or apple corer to remove the seeds and stem. Once seedless, slice or cube your apple into pieces of your choosing.

Salads or slaws: When using in salads or slaws, keep the skin on for extra crunch. Then, simply cut in half and remove the stem and seeds, place on its flat side and use a large utility nice to cut thin slices.

TIP: Put a small amount of lemon juice on fresh cut apple pieces to stop them from browning.

How to peel and core apples

If you do need to peel and core apples, here’s a handy step-by-step video.

  • High in Vitamin C and B
  • Fat free
  • High in dietary fibre
  • Low GI
Ideas for cooking with apples

Start with a simple flavour combination like apple and cinnamon or apple and pork and you already have something fabulous. Put these combinations into action with great recipes and you have a winner.







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