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Get these benefits from eating a banana a day

Bananas are the perfect snack on the go. They are also delicious when you whiz them in smoothies, bake them in banana bread or mash into a muffin mix. Or simply try them sliced as a brekkie topping. Regardless of how you have it, you’ll be surprised at all the fabulous benefits from eating a banana a day.

Health benefits of bananas

Bananas really can make your body sing. Peel back the skin to discover the delicious vitamins and minerals packed in to every one. Here are just a few of the benefits.

• Long Lasting energy: because bananas are low GI, one banana will slowly release its natural energy as the day progresses. Making it the perfect mid morning or afternoon snack.

• Healthier muscles: help to relieve muscle cramps and promote healthy muscle function with the 10 per cent of your daily intake of potassium and magnesium in every banana.

• Feel good food: Vitamin B6 is reported to help improve mood, brain function among other things, and you can get a whopping 33 percent of your RDI of this wonder vitamin in each large banana. Plus the folate helps to sharpen your mind.

• Full of fibre: A banana a day can help keep constipation at bay, well, according to some studies. Pack them into your child’s diet, especially if vegies aren’t high on their daily menu.

Get your daily banana fix with these fabulous banana recipes

Three Avocado Smoothies – Australian Avocados








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