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Baking with butter: tips, tricks and recipes

Let’s face it, butter makes nearly everything better. When it comes to baked goods and pastries, butter is the key ingredient that makes things flaky, flavourful, tender, decadent and creamy. Do you want soft biscuits and oh-so flaky crusts? Butter is the answer. How about moist and decadent cakes? You need butter. Creamy and mouth-watering icing? Again, butter is required. Butter really is a baker’s necessity.

Bringing it back to baking basics, in this clever page from our new Dessert Lovers Foodbook you will find three very important but simple baking-with-butter techniques. These techniques and tips are a beginner baker’s go-to, and a great refresher for veteran bakers too.

Now that you’re ready to master the kitchen and whip up some delicious baked goods with butter, remember baking doesn’t always need to be elaborate. Sometimes the most simple flavours and techniques are the best!

Put your baking skills to the test and try these oh-so scrumptious recipes 





For more mouth-watering dessert recipes have a look in our new Dessert Lovers Foodbook. This book certainly won’t disappoint any sweet-tooth.


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