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Basic Scrambled Eggs Recipe

They may have been the first thing you learnt to cook, but don’t be fooled many still say they struggle to nail basic scrambled eggs.

You see, this dish is a little more delicate than you would think. No you don’t have to reach a certain level of Zen in the kitchen, or precisely measure out your ingredients – but what you do have to do, is adhere to a few simple rules.

Learn how to whisk your eggs perfectly

Make sure to whisk your eggs well. You don’t want to find blotches of egg white throughout, so use a proper whisk rather than a fork, and whisk until you have a mixture that is consistent throughout.

Slightly undercook your eggs

Firstly, you want to have your pan at a moderate heat. Anything too hot will cause the egg mixture to catch on the pan, leaving you with unevenly cooked eggs.

Watch your eggs carefully and turn the heat down as you cook. Then, when the eggs still look as if they are slightly undercooked, remove your pan from the stove. The residual heat from the pan will continue to cook the eggs.

Keep it simple with the ingredients

The best scrambled eggs recipe is one that is kept simple. A combination of good quality eggs, a small amount of milk and salt and pepper, will always work a treat. You can always add a teaspoon of chives or a sprinkle of cheese if you wish, but if you want to add more than 2-3 ingredients, you’re best to turn your egg mixture into an omelette.


3 ways to dress up a basic scrambled eggs recipe




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