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Avocado proposals: the latest way to pop the question

Think a marriage proposal is all about popping the question on one knee and presenting the ring in a box? Think again, there’s a new trend in engagements… and it’s not what you expect.

People are using avocados to present their rings. Yes, you read that correctly, that green creamy fruit known for mashing on toast and serving at trendy brunches is now being used as a ring holder.

In fact, people are going nuts for this trend and are posting their efforts on Instagram and sharing their stories in print.

Newlyweds and avocado lovers Alison and Mike shared the story of their nuptials on The Knot and detailed their engagement featuring the food.

‘Alison was anxious to leave for the airport (as always) and Mike was rummaging in the kitchen for a snack (as always),’ according to website.

‘Alison went into the kitchen to move him along, and Mike turned from the fridge with an avocado in his hand and asked “Do you want to make guacamole?”.

‘She then asked “where did you get an avocado?” and Mike placed the avocado in her hand. It had been cut open and an engagement ring was inside. Mike then got down on one knee and asked Alison to marry him and she said yes.’

Other avocado proposals have been captured on Instagram with Foodeco posting an image on Valentine’s Day of a sparkling diamond ring perfectly sitting inside a perfectly ripe avocado.

Kim Tyler Photography also captured a couple on a beach having a spontaneous avocado proposal while they were shooting on the beach.


Avocado proposals? Would you avo-go?

Rather eat an avocado? Check out this delectable recipe.


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