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Why avocado is a healthy source of fat

Joy is, cutting open a perfect avocado or seeing the 2 for $4 special at the local grocer. It’s also perfect smashed avocado on toast with a killer ratio of lemon juice, feta and sea salt…

It’s basically a holy grail ingredient. Paired with savoury or sweet, this spread alternative is always there to provide us with a power breakfast, wholesome snack or great dinner.

Avo’s many health benefits mean that it can be enjoyed in moderation daily. Which is great news for those who can’t tear themselves away from the guac (we don’t blame them).

Many still question whether or not avocado is good for the ol’ waist line. I mean, avocado is high in fat after all? So what makes it different from other types of fat?

Essentially, avocado is a healthy source of fat because the fat contents are monounsaturated. Put simply, this kind of natural fat breaks all the stereotypes due to it’s cholesterol reducing properties! There’s also evidence to suggest that monounsaturated fats help to control our waistline and steady our appetites!

The five facts below have been put together with nutritional help from our friends at Australian Avocados!

Avocado is a healthy source of fat. Learn more in this avocado infographic

Avocado recipe ideas

We too want to relish in the fact that avocado is a healthy source of fat! So dig in to some of these yummy recipes with avocado

Get delicious recipes using avocados






*DISCLAIMER: Australian Avocados is a contributing recipe Partner at myfoodbook.com.au. All opinions in this article are our own. For further information on Australian Avocados, visit http://avocado.org.au

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