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These delicious egg waffles are aiming for world domination and are sure to be the next big foodie trend.

Are egg waffles the new cloud eggs?

There is so much egg-citement surrounding one of the most versatile ingredients in the foodie world: eggs! Though the cloud egg has been the most recent yolky trend to skyrocket, there is a new egg dish making its way into the 2017 trendy food club. Coming to Australian kitchens all the way from the streets of Hong Kong, allow us to introduce you to the ‘egg waffle’.

 What is an egg waffle? 

The egg waffle is the combination of a traditional German waffle and a Dutch pancake – with the result resembling oversized bubble wrap. Each egg-shaped segment has a crispy exterior, a soft, chewy middle and a decadent cake flavour.

How do you make an egg waffle? 

Egg waffles are made from a thin, eggy batter pressed between two hot plates with egg-shaped cells, technically known as an ‘egg waffle iron’, which is then placed on top of a stove to cook.

Originally, egg waffles were served as a standalone treat, but now they are being paired with ice-cream and delicious toppings – which is not getting any complaints. Egg waffles are also being served in a variety of flavours, such as chocolate and matcha green tea.

Where can you find an egg waffle?

These fluffy golden cakes are making there way from the streets of Hong Kong onto all social media feeds and, inevitably, into the kitchens of trend-savvy cafes all around the world. Keep an eye on your local trend-setting cafe!

If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of these delicious treats, you are likely able to track down the trendy treat in your nearest Chinatown. Wherever your devour them, these sweet waffles are sure to impress.



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