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7 easy tips to pack your lunch like a pro

Mornings can be hard. Whether you sweat it out at the gym or have to do the school run before scurrying off to work – making your lunch is probably the last thing on your mind.

But this year, why not pack yourself a nourishing lunch in advance and save heaps on money and encourage healthy eating. Your bank balance and waistline will thank you.

Here are seven fail-safe tips that will have you packing lunch like a pro in no time.

Keep it simple: your lunch menu doesn’t need to be complicated. Keep it simple and easy so you don’t get overwhelmed and demotivated.

Pack food you actually enjoy: no need to force a soggy sandwich or bland salad down your throat because you think that’s what you’re supposed to be eating. If you know you’re not going to enjoy your meal, you are likely to cave in and buy out instead.  Bring food that you actually look forward to eating.

Stock your workplace with necessary supplies: in addition to packing your lunch, bring in supplies such as salt and pepper, dressing and olive oil. Anything you want to spruce up your lunch with.

Set aside Sunday for prep day: if you set aside a couple of hours to prep your lunches over the weekend you can have your week’s worth of lunches ready to go. Taking the extra time to prep in advance will make packing lunch effortless and easy.

Prepare food in bulk and bring it all to the office if possible: there is no escaping your pre made lunch if it’s already in the office. Bring whatever you can prepare in advance and the rest of your ingredients to the office ready for a week of eating.

Get ready the night before: if you can’t take your lunches to the office before hand, have everything ready the night before so you can grab and go.

Set specific days of when you will bring your lunch: you don’t need to bring your lunch every day! You can pick and choose what days you bring your lunch and remember, give yourself a day off and buy your lunch. Who doesn’t love a Fat Friday?

Now you know what to do to become an expert lunch packer, check out our delicious recipe inspiration for your lunches.





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