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7 things to eliminate from your kitchen right now

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where everyone comes together at the start and end of each day. As a consequence, it’s also the place that ends up with the most clutter, especially in the drawers or cupboards. If you have been putting off cleaning out your kitchen for a long time, it’s time to do a pre-spring spring clean! Don’t know where to start? Well here’s our guide to the things to eliminate from your kitchen.

When cleaning your kitchen, use the same principles you use for your wardrobe. Do the test, have you used this in the past year? If not then it really should go.

Here are our pick of the 7 things to eliminate from your kitchen right now!

Cracked or unused mugs and glasses
If you haven’t used a mug or glass in over a year and it’s cracked all broken, it’s time for it to be moved on. Make room for all the things you actually use in your kitchen everyday.

Old Sponges
If you don’t remember the last time you changed your kitchen sponge, then it’s probably a good idea to chuck it. You may be spreading more germs then you’re cleaning.

Broken Tupperware
Tupperware and other plastic containers always seems to get out of hand, no matter how hard you try to keep them organised. Trying to find that matching lid is like finding matching socks. Now’s your chance to get rid of old, cracked or discoloured containers taking up excess room, as well as any that don’t have lids.


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Old water bottles
Another space eater! Having plastic water bottles can be handy, but the older they get the more bacteria they hold on to, especially kids bottles that have been chewed and scuffed. As with all plastics, recycle responsibly when disposing.

Anything dated that’s stuck on your fridge
If you keep invites, shopping list, unpaid bills etc on the front of your fridge, purge and get rid of the events that have passed. Now, doesn’t that look better. If you’re feeling the love, you might even give it a quick wipe down. Now you’ve got a fresh fridge ready for more fun invites.

Busted drawer organisers
There’s no point keeping a drawer organiser that is not doing it’s job anymore.

Old appliances
If you’ve inherited an old food processor from a relative or old housemate, or got a hand mixer missing a blade, or what about that bread maker you haven’t used in forever – remove it from your kitchen now. If it’s still good, bring it to a charity shop otherwise, bye bye!

So, what are you waiting for, get in there and be ruthless – eliminate those things from your kitchen right now. You’ll be thanking us when you discover all that extra room in your cabinets.


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