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7 surprising dishwasher hacks

You may only think that dishwashers are purely for washing dishes but in fact the dishwasher can be used for many interesting and quirky things. Some we aren’t so sure about…

Dishwasher hacks

Bake salmon fillets

Yes, this is true. You can cook salmon fillets in the dishwasher. Start by wrapping your salmon fillets in foil, then placing them on the top wrack and run a normal cycle, without soap (obviously).

Keep food warm 

Again, the dishwasher keeps on giving. Your dishwasher can double as a warming oven. To keep your freshly cooked food warm in the dishwasher, choose the “heat-dry cycle – no water”.

Rinse fruits and vegetables 

Instead of hand washing all your fruits and veggies, throw them in the dishwasher and run a cold (soap-free) rinse cycle. To protect your more delicate items, such as tomatoes and peaches, place them on the top rack. Heavier produce like potatoes can go on the bottom.

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Clean shoes 

Are your families shoes looking a little grubby? Place them on the top rack of the dishwasher, add a little baking soda, and send them through a cycle. Just make sure the heat-dry setting is off to avoid messing with the rubber, and be sure to run an empty cycle to get rid of any lingering shoe gunk before washing your next load of dishes.

Shine hubcaps and wheel covers 

Again, another quirky idea. Banish any grime from your hubcaps and wheel covers by running them through the dishwasher.

Sanitise toys 

Make your kids toys shine. Send their plastic toys through the dishwasher to get red of those nasty germs.

De-germ cabinet knobs 

Yes, there’s a good chance your cabinets knobs may be crawling with germs. Get rid of those germs by sending them through the dishwasher, but stick to ceramic and metal knobs – nothing painted, plated, or enameled.

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