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7 handy meal prep tips to remember

There really is no right or wrong when it comes to meal prepping. It’s all about doing what works well for you and your household. In saying that, when you master meal prepping and find recipes that you enjoy, your weekly cooking will be a lot easier.

Have a look at the following top tips for meal prep:

Check out your inventory 

Before you roll up your sleeves and get cooking, it’s a good idea to check what’s already in the fridge. It will save you on doubling up on ingredients but also us-up any veggie stragglers. Plus once you clear out your fridge you’ll have more space in the fridge for all meals.

Asses your weekly schedule

Having a look at your schedule will ensure you don’t under or over buy the amount of produce you need. For example if you have dinner at home every night or have a dinner out.

Block out time to meal prep 

Yes meal prep does take time! The exact time depends on what works for you, so whatever day you plan to prep, schedule in the time. This will ensure you stick to the plan and focus on the task at hand.

Prep ingredients rather than full meals 

Consider just choosing a couple of staple ingredients or components to prep ie onion chopping, rice cooking etc that can be used as bases. This is good for a couple of reasons, one, you may become bored of the same meal over a couple of days, and two, you may think of something you’d prefer to eat and so don’t want to be stuck with a meal to finish.

Get out your containers ahead of time 

There is nothing worse than completing all of your meal prep to find out all of your containers are dirty or already full. Get all the containers you need ready before you start cooking.


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