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7 facts you might not know about the pear

The humble pear is truely a versatile fruit. Delicious in both savoury and sweet recipes. The pear is also a nutritional powerhouse, providing benefits that can maintain good health and prevent diseases.

Your tastebuds and body will love being nourished by the pear but these following fascinating pear facts will nourish your mind also. Some might surprise you.

Fun facts of pears 
  1. The pear has a very ancient history, there is evidence that even our prehistoric ancestor were already growing and eating pears as food.
  2. There are over 3,000 varieties of pears existing in the world today.
  3. Like apricots and plums, pears are a member of the rose family.
  4. They were given the nickname “butter fruit” in the 1700’s because of their soft, buttery texture.
  5. Pears grow on pear trees that reach 10-17 metres tall and are normally harvested when they are green, before they ripen.
  6. Pears cannot be judged by the colour of their skin. Although a few varieties of pears change from green to yellow as they ripen, others do not change colour at all. The best way to determine ripeness is to check the par of the fruit near the stem. If the flesh gives when you press it gently, then the pear is ready to eat.
  7. Pear wood is useful in making furniture and kitchen utensils, as well as smoking meats.


The pear is seriously a powerhouse fruit, so now try any of these delicious pear recipes

Must-try pear recipes 







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