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7 creative hacks for pears

Pear is such a versatile fruit and pretty much in season all year round. It has a multiple uses from grilling to baking or even making chips, the humble pear is the perfect pantry staple for every day use. Here are some of our favourite hacks that will turn you into a kitchen know it all in no time.

Grill it!

Grilling pear releases its sweetness and lends it to pairing with salty and peppery salads such as this rocket and prosciutto one.

Jazz up your slaw

Don’t just confine your slaw to carrots and cabbage. You can be super creative with this show-stopping slaw with brussel sprouts and pear.


Make chips

When you think of chips, you don’t necessary think of using green fruit, but this clever recipe featuring roasted pear chips will have you coming back for more time and time again.


Drink it!

Adding pears is a great way to balance out your green smoothie. The sweetness of the fruit makes it more digestible when using leafy vegetables such as kale or spinach.

Match with cheese

For a low carb snack, ditch the crackers and enjoy your cheese with a slice of pear. This fruit works particularly well with goat’s cheese.

Bake em’!

For a show stopping dessert bake up a batch of pears. We love this recipe featuring mascarpone cheese.

Make lunchbox treats

For little fingers, you can add this nutritious fruit to slices and muffins for healthy lunchbox delight.




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