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6 ways to organise your kitchen like a pro

Do you find yourself constantly tidying your kitchen but feel it still looks messy? There are some simple tips and tricks you can add to your to do list which will have your kitchen looking neat and photo-worthy 24-7.


Keep your fridge art to a minimum

We all like to hang up our favourite postcard or kid’s drawing on the fridge to add a touch of personalisation to our appliance, but let this pile up too much and it becomes a messy display of unnecessary junk. Keep it clean with just a couple of pieces, which keep in theme with your kitchen’s colour palette.


Declutter your counters

Your kitchen can look instantly neater if you put unnecessary items away. Make sure you only leave a maximum of three frequently used gadgets out. The rest you should put away and ensure they stay in their allocated place. Let your friend and family know where everything lives so they can ensure items go back to where they belong!


But… don’t put it ALL away

It may seem odd, but if you put everything away, then you’re more likely to pile up the counter with junk such as mail, magazines etc. Put enough out to add a pop of colour and balance to your counter tops and discourage unnecessary clutter.

Don’t let dishes stack up

One thing that will make your kitchen look a mess is dishes left in the sink or clean ones left out on the rack to dry. Ensure you wash up or stack dirty dishes in the dishwasher immediately or put clean dishes away. It’s a failsafe tip to a clean sparkling kitchen.


Tidy your drawers

There’s nothing worse then opening drawers to find a pile of junk. Not only does it slow you down looking for items, but encourages messy kitchen behaviour. Keep your drawers and kitchen pantry tidy and organised and it will encourage you and your family to keep the kitchen space equally as organised.


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