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6 different omelette recipes to try now


An omelette makes for an easy meal, whether for dinner or a simple breakfast. A lot of people think that making an omelette is tricky, I mean, if it’s the measure of a good chef, then how is a home cook supposed to nail it? Right? Don’t stress. If you watch this how to make an omelette video, you’ll see it’s actually a lot easier than you think.

Omelette tips and tricks

• Do you add milk? You can add milk, cream or even a little water for a dairy-free version. Some chefs recommend not adding anything but some grated frozen butter that will melt into the omelette as it cooks.

• How many eggs? It depends on how big you want it. A 2-egg omelette is good for one person as a light meal.

• Non-stick is best. This is one time you really need a non-stick pan. You don’t want to be scraping egg that’s stuck to the pan.

• Don’t overcook. The omelette should still be a little wet on the inside as it will continue to cook off the heat. You want the eggs to be creamy, not rubbery.

Different omelette recipes

Now that you’ve nailed the basic omelette, you can now try these different omelette recipes with tasty fillings.






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