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5 ways to eat avocados in winter

Smashed, blended or sliced, Aussie avocados are a powerhouse ingredient that can be added to any number of sweet and savoury dishes. Although we associate avocados with summer salads, there are many ways to eat avocados during the cooler months. Here are 5 ways to eat avocados in winter.

Avo good one

Not only are avocados utterly delicious, they’re also jam-packed with nutrients. Loaded with fibre, hearty fats and more than 20 vitamins and minerals, each avocado lends its unique blend of goodness to your meals.

During winter, when it’s doubly important to boost your immune system, add avocados to your comfort food recipes. That’s right, sliced or smashed, avocados make everything better, and better for you.

Ways to eat avocados in winter

Why not add a spoonful of guacamole to a hearty chilli con carne, or try adding avocado to your next soup. Avocados add a touch of vibrant colour and a rich and creamy texture to your meals. A more decadent way to enjoy avocados in winter is to add them to your desserts such as brownies or cakes.  Here are 5 ways to eat avocados in winter.

1. Make a breakfast pizza

Forget smashed avo on toast, this is the true breakfast of champions. A brekky pizza with the lot – egg, bacon, roast tomatoes and smashed avo.

2. Baked in a parmigiana

Add some green to your next chicken parmi. Top your schnitty with slices of avocado, sprinkle with cheese and bake it for the ultimate parmi experience.

3. Toss through spicy roast vegetables

For a flavoursome side or a hearty lunch, toss chunks of avocado with warming Moroccan spices including dukkah, then toss with roast carrots and sweet potatoes for a spicy salad.

4. Bake into a cake

For a super-moist afternoon teacake that’s dairy-free, just add some mashed avo. This Dairy-free Lemon Avocado Pound Cake has a velvety texture and a delicate flavour. The coconut icing tops it all off nicely. Check it out.

5. Add it to roast chook

Winter weeknights just got easier, and tastier, with this one-pan chicken, avocado and crisp potato tray bake. So lemony, so good.

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