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5 vegetarian meals that make meat-free Mondays easier

Meat-free Mondays is growing in popularity and has become a weekly event for most households. There are now so many great-tasting and hearty vegetarian meals that make eating meat-free easy.

Sure meat-free Monday rolls off the tongue easily, but you can pick any day to go vego. The important thing to remember is that meat is not your only source of protein – there are a variety of ways you can boost vegetarian meals to ensure you’re getting all you need.

The following recipes are full of nourishing and hearty ingredients, which will easily satisfy any meat eater.

Hearty meat-free recipes to try 

Mushroom and lentil bolognese 

This mushroom and lentil bolognese is a tasty and nutritious alternative to your regular bolognese. The lentils and mushrooms work beautifully together to create a great flavour and texture.


Ricotta, lemon and mozzarella cannelloni bake 

You won’t get any complaints from the meat eaters in the family when you serve up this cheesy bake. The blend of ricotta, lemon, mozzarella and cannoli is perfection.



Cheese and greens filo pie 

This Greek-style pie is an easy and delicious way to eat your greens. Plus it’s a moveable feast that makes a great leftovers lunch – it’s even better the next day.


Avocado, spinach and basil pesto spaghetti 

This creamy pasta dish is a rich blend of avocado, spinach and basil pesto. Full of heathy fats and fibre, this dish is sure to hit the spot.


Mushroom korma curry 

Curries like this korma curry are crisper drawer saviours. You can add as many vegetables you would like. Butternut pumpkin, red capsicum and zucchini are all great additions to this recipe. Finish off this curry with a sprinkle of cashews and coriander.


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