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5 tips for taming your tupperware

Do you find your Tupperware cupboard often gets out of hand? Do you dread opening it for fear of everything falling out in one messy heap? Do you struggle to find which lid matches which container?

Although once we’ve cleaned our Tupperware box, the temptation is to jam it in the cupboard and forget about it. However, if you get your Tupperware cupboard nicely organised, it will save you time and you won’t be in a tizzy every time you need to box up your lunch!

Here are our five top tips from organisational gurus from around the web for taming your tupperware.

Use a drying rack to organize

Store your lids in a drying rack for easy access and to keep the cupboard organised. You can then see at a glance where your lids are and which one matches the right Tupperware container.

Make a pegboard drawer

Use a sliding pegboard to stack and segment your Tupperware containers and lids. You can also accommodate varying sizes and shapes, just by moving a few pegs around.

Create drawer dividers

Segment your deep drawers into sections so you can stack everything neatly into boxes for ease of access. This way, your Tupperware cupboard will be a joy to open instead of a place you avoid going to.

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Use bins to store

If you don’t have a pegboard, drawer dividers or a drying rack handy, another great tip is to store your Tupperware in bins. You can divide into labelled bins under containers, large lids and small lids.

Buy or make a special Tupperware drawer

If none of these tips appeal to you, try purchasing or making a special Tupperware drawer. This handy one from Wayfair is the perfect way to tame your pesky Tupperware problem.


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