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5 tips for taming your messy pantry

We often use pantries for shoving our groceries away and forgetting we have them. We often dread organising them and leave it until everything gets out of hand, only to realise when we’re rampaging through trying to find that ingredient you know you’ve brought.

Chances are we discover we’ve over stocked up on unnecessary supplies and spent money better used elsewhere.

This year take control of your pantry and save on money and time, what’s more you’ll feel good every time you open it knowing you across your supplies inside out.

Have varying heights between shelves

One excellent tip is to have varying heights between your shelves so you can stack smartly.

For example, stack your large items at the bottom with a height varying between 45 – 50cm, then cereal boxes between 35 – 40cm, next cans between 15 – 20cm , then items in baskets between 15 – 20cm, then lastly rarely used items at the top.

Also allocating each shelf a theme with space to see what you have in stock will give structure to your pantry and you’ll know where everything is at a glance.

Use file folders to stack canned goods

Do you often find your canned goods falling over or do you struggle to navigate which ones you need to restock?

Try stacking your cans in labelled file holders. It will stop your cans falling over and you’ll know at a glance which ones you need to restock.

Image cred: The Home Edit

Label your baskets

For keeping goods in neat boxes, get plenty of baskets and label them so you know exactly what you have and where.

Your pantry will not only look neat and organised, but it will be easier to clean and more hygienic for storage purposes.

Use Lazy Susans

For items used on a daily basis such as spreads, oils, vinegars and sauce’s use Lazy Susans. To find things quickly and effectively.

We suggest you keep these within easy access.

Image cred: Honeybear Lane

Attach wheels to baskets for large items

For items you are storing on the bottom shelf, attach wheels to baskets so you can pull them out easily without reaching back into the depth of the cupboard.

This is ideal for fresh produce such as potatoes and onions and other large items such as dog food or bottles of water and juice.


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