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5 tips for mastering the butter cake

The classic butter cake has been a go-to for kids birthday cakes for years. This delicious cake leaves you never short of options. Butter cakes can move from simple to sophisticated with the addition of rich icing, filing, extra layers and decorations.

Butter cakes also lend themselves to a variety of flavours such as, lemon or lime, orange, chocolate swirls and even a shot of espresso.

Firmer than sponge cakes, you can experiment with shapes and designs for the butter cake which makes then an ideal cake for celebrations.

High in fat, the butter cake will keep for several days and making the cake in advance will allow for the flavours to improve. Un-iced, a well-wrapped cake bake cake will keep will in the freezer for 1-2 months.

With a simple butter cake, there are a few tips to remember to master the butter cake.

Tips to master your butter cake 
  • Butter must be soft, not melted: if you take your butter straight from the fridge you must soften it so you can cream the butter and sugar. A tip is to cut the butter unto small cubes and gently microwave until soft.
  • Sifting the dry ingredients is essential: sifting the ingredients helps aerate the mix and prevent lumps. It will also help you avoid beating the air from the creamed eggs, butter and sugar.
  • Add eggs one at a time: when adding the eggs to the butter and sugar mix, be sure to add them one at a time. Adding them all at once can lead to a spilt mix.
  • Burnt cake: if you have unfortunately burnt your butter cake, you can save it. Simply trim off the edges with a sharp knife then decorate the whole cake in icing sugar or butter cream icing.
  • Cake top has split: this can happen if your oven is too hot or you keep opening the door during. If the spilt bothers you, again drench your cake in icing sugar or butter cream icing. Just remember a split won’t affect the taste.
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