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5 things to know about lemons

For the love of lemons, this zesty yellow citrus is available all year-round but lemon is in its peak season in Australia from June to August. This nifty ingredient works in both savoury and sweet dishes, and is favoured in cuisines all over the world.

Not only are lemons great for cooking, they actually can be very useful in other elements of the kitchen.

Useful things to know about lemons 

Choosing the perfect lemon

When picking a lemon, don’t be afraid to give it a little squeeze before tossing it into your cart. Pick the lemons that have a little give when you squeeze them, the juicier lemons will always give a little.

Freeze extra lemon zest 

Adding lemon zest to your meals is a nice way to add zingy, fresh flavours of lemon to your dish without the acidity of the juice. Keep any extra zest in the freezer until needed.

Want longer lasting lemons? 

Instead of storing lemons in the fridge or on the kitchen bench, they’ll keep even longer in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge.

Deep clean a wood chopping board 

To give your chopping boards a natural clean, all you need is half a lemon, salt and elbow grease. Simply apply the salt to your chopping board, squeeze a little lemon juice out of the lemon half and then rub down the chopping board with the lemon. Let it sit for 5 minutes then rise with a clean wet sponge.

Clean your microwave 

If you’ve been avoiding cleaning your microwave, this all-natural trick is going to make your life easier. All you need to do is squeeze some lemon juice in a jug with water, add the lemons and microwave. As the liquid boils, it condenses on the sides of the microwave, loosening any food or gunk. The lemon juice is a natural cleaning agent, then all you need to do is wipe it all down with a clean cloth.


Lemons are really a miraculous fruit. For more lemony goodness, try these stunning recipes.

Lemon recipes try try 






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