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5 must-try classic Aussie desserts

Australia has a rich and delicious heritage of sweets and bakes, thanks in part to the Country Women’s Association and grandma’s recipe books. But whether you’ve grown up with these Aussie classics or are discovering them for the first time, they’ll definitely make you smile with delight.

Here are our 5 favourite iconic Aussie desserts you simply must try.

Aussie dessert recipes 

Honey joys 

You don’t need a birthday party to bust out these favourites. With just 4 ingredients, these sweet cereal bites are a tasty lunchbox snack for kids, and your inner child.


Chocolate crackles 

The classic chocolate crackle has lasted the test of time and is still the star attraction at birthday parties to this day. They’re also super fun and easy to make and will keep in the fridge for up to 4 days.



Rocky road 

Rocking around since 1853, rocky road was created as a way of on-selling confectionary that spoiled during the long trip from Europe. Local nuts and chocolate were mixed in to disguise the spoiled ingredients. These days it’s risen to greater heights and features a delicious mix of marshmallow, nuts, candied cherries and popcorn.


Anzac biscuits 

Named for the Aussie soldiers they were originally sent to, Anzac biscuits were created by wives and women’s aid groups as sweet sustenance, and because they were less likely to spoil during transportation abroad. These days, Anzac biscuits have become an indelible part of life for many Australian and New Zealanders, especially on Anzac Day.


Raspberry coconut slice

A true slice of nostalgia, this raspberry coconut slice takes you right back to your grandmother’s baking. Pop the kettle on and enjoy this simple and delicious treat with a freshly brewed pot of tea.





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