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5 mushroom recipes we’d like to cook in the new mushroom-coloured Le Creuset

If you’re a fan of mushrooms and covet good-looking cookware that goes from the oven to the table in one fell swoop, then check this out. Le Creuset have just released a brand new colour…Morel! Inspired by the variety of mushrooms beloved by chefs, Morel embraces the warm tones of this fungi with an ombre finish.

Although this gorgeous new range hasn’t hit our shores yet, it has got us thinking about what tasty mushrooms recipes we’d want to make first in this covetable stoneware.

The following collection of mushroom dishes are seriously easy and are absolutely delicious. Its time to get cooking…and start manifesting owning one of these mushroom-coloured Le Creuset pans.

5 must-try mushroom recipes 



Mushroom Spaghetti bolognese





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