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5 mistakes to avoid when cooking pasta

Bella pasta! Do you even remember a time it wasn’t a dinnertime staple? And no wonder, pasta is an easy and super-satisfying meal – plus a guaranteed winner with the kids. Pasta is the first dish that comes to mind when you think “quick dinners”.

But despite this, there are some common mistakes to avoid when cooking pasta. Nail these and you’ll take your pasta from buono to buonissimo!

5 Mistakes to avoid when cooking pasta 

Be sure to salt the water 

The purpose of salting the water is to “rough up” the surface of the pasta to keep it from getting slimy. Salt helps season the pasta, which is especially important when cooking dry pasta.

Use the right size pot 

We’ve all been there, trying to sqeeze too-tall spaghetti into a too small saucepan. By using a pot that’s not large enough, the water temperature drops significantly when the pasta is added. While the water returns to a boil, the pasta sticks together and gets clumpy sitting in the pot.

Don’t add pasta too soon 

Again, this happens all too often, especially during the weeknight dinner rush. When you add your pasta before the water is boiling, the pasta sits in the water and gets gluey and sticky.

Stir pasta while cooking 

Be sure to stir the pasta immediately after adding it to the water, and occasionally stir during cooking. This will prevent it from sticking together.

Drain but keep a little cooking water

The water that the pasta is cooked in is sometimes referred to as liquid gold. Because starch is released during the cooking, if you add the cooking water to your sauce it will help to thicken it up. Also, don’t wash the pasta after cooking. When washing the pasta, you’re washing away the starch that helps the sauce cling to the pasta.


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