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5 easy Middle Eastern recipes to try

The flavours of the Middle East were predicted to be one of 2018’s hottest trends and true to form, it’s been popping up on cafe and restaurant menus. Home cooks are also embracing Middle Eastern-style cooking.

With it’s bold flavours and spices Middle Eastern food has a lot to offer when it comes to variety and the types of dishes you can create. Popular recipes such as hummus and falafels, make for great snack ideas or party appetisers, though Middle Eastern cuisine has a lot more to offer.

Luckily, you probably already have a few commonly used ingredients or spices for Middle Eastern cooking in your kitchen right now, or you can easily grab them at your local supermarket.

Here are a few easy Middle Eastern recipes to get you started.

Easy Middle Eastern recipes 

Mushroom and halloumi falafel 

This easy mushroom and halloumi falafel recipe is great served as finger food. Or you can easily turn it into a meal and serve it on pita or in wrap with hummus and tabbouleh.


Turkish bread with spicy lamb and eggs 

This extremely flavoursome Turkish bread with spicy lamb and eggs is the perfect family dinner idea. Or cut it into smaller pieces and serve it as a party starter. The savoury mince can also be enjoyed on rice or quinoa, if there’s any leftover.



Middle Eastern Quail and couscous salad with garlic sauce 

Try something different and cook this lovely Middle Eastern quail. Served with a colourful couscous salad and garlic sauce.




Avocado hummus

This easy hummus recipe has a delicious avocado twist. Serve with broken up pita breads or veggie sticks for a great snack or appetiser.


Marinated mushroom tabbouleh salad 

Full of fresh ingredients, this marinated mushroom tabbouleh salad is a wonderful side salad or serve it with your falafels in a wrap.


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