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5 best tips for organising your freezer

Let’s face it when life get’s busy your freezer can turn into no man’s land, where items are put in and are to never be seen again.

Fear not, there a few simple tips to master organising your freezer and make your life easier.

5 must-try freezer organisational tips 

Use binder clips to hang frozen veg

Those half-opened bags of frozen fruit and veggies are slippery and do not stack well. This clever trick, using binder clips to seal them and hang them from shelves makes it not only easier to find but frees up shelf space.


Freeze everything flat 

Where you can, freeze things flat. Soups, casseroles and stews can be placed in a zip-lock bag and frozen flat. Flat things of an even thickness are easier to stack and organise upright in a container.


It’s a simple tip but labelling and dating your items can go a long way. It can be hard to identify a soup from a stew when frozen so start labelling to make your life easier.

Re-use milk bottles 

While we are complaining about those floppy frozen food bags, here’s another solution. Pouring your small frozen veg into cleaned-out milk cartons can make it easier to stack and store, plus easy to pour out too.

Lose the cardboard boxes 

Boxes are bulky and can take up a lot of space. When possible, take the contents out of the box and place them in the freezer.


Putting these tips into practice will put you in a happy place every time you go into your freezer.

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