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2017 the year of the bowls: poké, nourish and buddha bowls

One of the biggest food trends that has captured 2017 has been food in bowls. All different types of bowls, such as a poké bowl, nourish bowl and a buddha bowl. Cafes and restaurants all around Australia have jumped on this trend and now serve many different variations of their meals in bowls. Whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner and Australians have been loving food in bowls.

Although with the continual growth and our love for food in bowls, more and more types of different bowls have made their way to the surface. In which can be very confusing for some.

So here are your answers, and what actually are the differences between all these bowls.

What is a poké bowl

Pronounced poh-keh is officially the hottest dish on Australian menus right now. The Hawaiian dish was traditionally made by fisherman, in which they would combine the trimmings from their catch of tuna (ahi) with seaweed and sweet onions. Then serving it on a bowl of rice, soy sauce and sesame oil.

These days the rules of thumb with a poké bowl is that only the freshest fish will do or you can try it with tofu or chicken. Be sure to use a rice cooker, as starchy nice will ruin a good poké plus having contrasting textures, flavours and temperatures is the key for a great poké.

The most common ingredients in a poke are rice, salmon, tuna, edamame, ginger, seaweed, sesame dressing plus many other veggies and sauces. You can do no wrong with poké.

What is a nourish bowl

As it suggests in the name, a nourish bowl is basically a big bowl of goodness. A nourish bowl consists of a big leafy base, topped with your choice of protein, a carbohyrdrate and a health fat.

It’s a perfect meal-in-a-bowl and is extremely versatile. You can choose all the ingredients you love and build your own nourish bowl recipe. Some ingredients to think of could be: spinach, romaine lettuce, quinoa, eggs, chicken, avocado, nuts, carrots, peas, sweet potato and brown rice plus many more.

There are really no rules with a nourish bowl, so choose a variety of veg, protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats you enjoy and your good to build your bowl.

What is a buddha Bowl 

Similar to a nourish bowl a buddha bowl (also known as a macro bowl or hippie bowl) are colourful, filling bowls composed of grains, veggies, protein, greens and seeds, plus a hearty dressing.  Although technically a buddha bowl only consists of vegetarian protein such as tofu and legumes. So like the nourish bowl, choose what you enjoy and you then you can build your buddha bowl.


Delicious food in bowls recipes to try 





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