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15 minute rescue recipes when there is nothing for dinner

Run out of time to shop, cook or just of steam this week?

Well, no worries, you can whip up a tasty family-friendly meal in 15 minutes. The following rescue recipes are the ultimate dinners in a dash.

15 minute rescue recipes 

Ramen noodles with fried eggs 

The ramen’s nick-name should be “Fuss-free, speedy noodle bowl”. Whip up this ramen in 10 minutes and finish with fried eggs.


Sun-dried tomato, tuna and olive zucchini noodles 

This gorgeous green zucchini noodles dish can be on your table in 10 minutes! A great blend of flavours plus ricotta, this meal can’t get any better.


Mini Hawaiian pizzas 

The kids will certainly love these mini Hawaiian pizzas. Perfect for a Friday night, when your needing to feed the family in a dash.


Family friendly fried rice 

Fried rice is the perfect dish to use-up leftover veg and rice plus it’s quick. Enjoy this family friendly fried rice for lunch the next day, if there’s leftovers.


12-minute spaghetti bolognese 

This dish speaks for itself. 12 minutes is all you need to create this hearty spaghetti bolognese.


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