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10 ways to use yogurt in cooking

10 Yoghurt Hacks That Will Change The Way You Cook

An alternative to butter on toast, a tenderiser for tough meats or the secret behind the most sumptuously moist cakes… this versatile little ingredient is probably already hiding in your fridge.

It’s yogurt. We think it has earned its place as a culinary super hero and with probiotics, protein, calcium and a host of other nutrients, there’s plenty of good reasons to be getting into yogurt!

Want some inspiration? The lovely Amanda from The Dairy Kitchen has shared with us her top 10 yogurt hacks to try.

Here are 10 quick ways to get a bit more yogurt into your life and save you some time in the kitchen:

1. Quick pizza dough: Mix 1 cup of self-raising flour to 2/3 cup natural yogurt and knead lightly to form a dough. No need to prove, simply roll it out, top the dough with your favourite toppings and bake. Child’s play.

2. Perfect crumb: Dip chicken or fish in yogurt instead of eggs when flouring or crumbing.

3. Salad dressing – Forget the mayo. Thin natural yogurt with a dash of milk and stir in flavourings, we like black pepper, chopped chives and oregano from the garden. Perfect for dressing potato or pasta salad.

Salmon and Potato Salad with Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing

Salmon and Potato Salad with Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing – The Dairy Kitchen

4. Instant Mousse Dessert – Mix a tub of your favourite flavoured yogurt with an equal part of whipped cream for an instant and delicious mousse-like dessert, top with poached winter fruit.

5. Succulent, flavoursome chicken – Yogurt works in a similar way to buttermilk in making juicy succulent chicken! Simply thin yogurt with lemon juice or water, flavour with herb or spice mix and marinate overnight to make chicken incredibly moist.

Turmeric Yoghurt Chicken by The Dairy Kitchen

Turmeric and Yoghurt Roasted Chicken, Cauliflower and Eggplant by The Dairy Kitchen

6. Buttermilk hack: Don’t have any buttermilk for the recipe you have? Thin down natural yogurt with milk until the consistency of buttermilk – It has the sour tang and will add moisture and lightness to your baking and tenderise meat when marinating.

7. Dip it: Thick Greek yogurt makes a wonderful dip base, simply sprinkle with olive oil and za’atar spice or dukkah for the world’s easiest dip!

Garlic and Chive Dip with Pita Chips

Garlic and Chive Dip with Pita Chips – The Dairy Kitchen

8. Spread it: Don’t knock it till you try it. Spread thick greek yogurt on toast! What better way to start the morning or enjoy lunch than with a tangy probiotic hit? Use the same way you would use dip and top with avocado, dukkah or thinly sliced cucumber and smoked salmon!

9. Souper-douper: – Zing up heavy winter soups with a dollop of Greek yogurt, we love adding it to curried lentil or sweet pumpkin soup.

Hot yoghurt soup

Hot yoghurt soup with corn bacon and coriander – The Dairy Kitchen

10. Salty Hit – We all know the usual culprits of fruit, nuts and honey are delicious on top of yogurt, but have you ever tried adding fried shallots, avocado, olive oil, roasted vegetables, ginger or harissa to your yogurt snack? Yes indeed!

Yoghurt with Pickled Cucumber, Avocado and Mint Topping

Yoghurt Cucumber, Avocado and Mint – The Dairy Kitchen

Yogurt, it’s Legendairy stuff!

Tell us, do you have a genius kitchen hack using yogurt? Leave us a comment below!




– Amanda Menegazzo, The Dairy Kitchen

The Dairy Kitchen is your source of inspiration and information on everything dairy!

Amanda Menegazzo, Food Communications Manager at Dairy Australia heads up The Dairy Kitchen, working with a team of contributors to develop their delicious dairy recipes, tips, information and culinary know-how. Check out The Dairy Kitchen’s recipes at  www.legendairy.com.au/recipes

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