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Smashed avocado recipe with poached eggs

10 reasons why smashed avocado is better than a mortgage

Like fresh clean bed sheets, finding money unexpectedly or that new car smell – smashed avocado on toast is up there with the best things in life.  Roughly smashed on it’s own or mashed with tomato, maybe with a little bit of feta – or wait… crispy bacon and a sneaky hash brown? The options to enjoy smashed avocado are endless.

But this week there was outrage amongst Australia’s youth who have been accused of consuming too much Smashed Avocado thus impacting on their ability to purchase their own home.  Commentary has been spirited and most amusing but it got us thinking… why on earth would you want to give up such a gloriously delicious breakfast for years of monetary commitment?

So we’re weighing in on the debate with our own 10 reasons why Smashed Avocado is better than a mortgage:

1. Smashed avo won’t tie your life up in a 30 year mortgage

No thirty year mortgages, no lifetime of commitment  – smashed avo comes and goes like a perfect summer day.

2. Smashed avo doesn’t make your friends’ eyes glaze over

Mortgage talk? Again? Or what about the talk that one will neverrrrr be able to afford a house. Yawn. Smashed avocado doesn’t make anyones eyes glaze over, in fact it makes eyes light up.

3. Making improvements to your smashed avo won’t cost you a fortune

Unlike that new kitchen, adding a side of bacon will only cost you about two bucks more!

4. You will never have buyers remorse with smashed avocado

Unlike finding a very expensive termite problem that will leave you filled with regret after you’ve signed the paper – smashed avocado will leave you singing it’s praises.

5. Smashed avo will bring you instant gratitude

Instead of waiting years for your savings to pay off… Smashed avocado will bring you instant, tasty gratitude.

6. Smashed avo will never make you feel guilty about buying that dress you really wanted

In fact, because you’re eating a food that is good for you, you’ll fit into that dress better than ever!

7. Smashed avo will never ask for your credit rating

No credit checks, no needing a reference. Smashed avocado doesn’t ask for much.

8. Smashed avo will never stop you going on a holiday

Unlike that mortgage that will have you feeling guilty about travelling (every dollar counts!)…

9. Smashed avo won’t stress you out

Enjoying breakfast at a cafe is so stressful… Said no one ever.

10. And because… Well, smashed avocado is ridiculously delicious


If you love smashed av as much as us, here’s 4 ways to enjoy it:




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