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10 kitchen chores you can do in 60 seconds

If your kitchen is craving a little tidy, there is no need to get on your hands and knees and start scrubbing. You can spruce up your kitchen with little blitzes of work.

Even the busiest commercial kitchen runs by the ethos that you ‘clean as you go’ and ‘keep your worktops’ clean. This also relates to your home kitchen. Messy accidents happen when there’s clutter or mess around – “who forgot to put the lid on the soy…” –  so though we have no doubt most of you are domestic goddesses, we’ve put together a little hit list you can leave around for when it’s Mr Foodbook’s turn to cook. Here’s our top tips to keep your kitchen tip top!

Wipe down the tap

Most likely not on top of your priority list but when your kitchen tap shines, it’ll look super clean.


There are certain spots that can get especially messy on your kitchen floor or the whole floor can sometimes look like tip. But after cooking grab your dustpan or hand broom and quickly pick up those nasty crumbs or bits of food.

 Put away dry dishes 

For some reason random dishes seem to gather next to the kitchen sink. Take the time and put them back where they belong to clear more space and declutter your kitchen counter.

Wipe down your sink 

It’s that simple but giving your kitchen sink a quick wipe down with a multipurpose cleaner will remove any stains and other random gunk.

Wipe the microwave 

Although no one is regularly and attentively looking into the microwave, if you lightly clean your microwave regularly, it won’t need a time-consuming deep clean later.

Spot-clean your chairs

Once the family dinner rush is done, give the chairs a quick wipe down to ensure no food is left behind.

Tidy up your bench 

It’s amazing how quickly your kitchen can become a hub for “stuff”. Take the time and return everything back to it’s regular spot or make room for it in a cupboard or drawer.

Wipe down the fridge doors

Greasy and stick hands are constantly running over the fridge, so when everyone has cleared out of the kitchen, give the fridge a light wipe down.

Take out the rubbish

A full bin can really limit what you can do in the kitchen and you run the risk of letting empty bottles and packaging pile up on the counter. It won’t take more than a minute to refresh your bin.

Put things back where they belong 

Similar to tidying your kitchen bench but as you cook put things back where they belong. Put the salt and pepper, other spices and oils back once your done with them. Or when you have finished cooking return everything to it’s normal position so items don’t pile up.