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One avocado in four ingenious ways

Famous for guacamole, avocados are now a daily staple in our cooking.

Currently taking the foodie world by storm and currently in season, avocados are smooth, buttery and loaded with a generous dose of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

From the early days of the smashed avo, this humble green fruit has moved up in the ranks and is now being used in decadent chocolate mousses, smoothies, fries and even in pasta dishes.

One whole avocado can be used in many different ways and the possibilities are endless.

The following page from our new and improved Good For You Foodbook shows you how can use one avocado, four different ways.


Using easy recipes that you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a snack. Now there’s no need to waste any of your avo.


If your looking for more avo recipes inspiration try these delicious treats…

Avocado recipes to try 





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