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What to have for dinner when it’s too hot to cook

Que, sweltering hot day… Add having to turn your oven to 180°C whilst you boil some veggies on the stove… It’s very possible that before you have had time to contemplate that thought, your keys were in your hand and you were off out to the local air-conditioned pub for a parmigiana and a cool cider.

Yes, we’ve all been there. Nothing says night off cooking quite like a blistering 40°C Aussie Day. But since those days are frequent in the pitt of summer, it’s best to put down the keys and grab a few of these hot weather recipe ideas.

All, sans kitchen oven – these recipes will have you in relaxed preparation mode, with a cool beverage in hand.

What to have for dinner when it’s too hot to cook:
  • Think cold cuts and fresh seafood like already cooked tiger prawns
  • For an alternate protein option, a four bean mix, lentils or chickpeas are a great addition to fresh salads
  • Quick-grill flatbreads with greek-yoghurt
  • Cold-pasta and potato salad made with leftovers
  • Anti-pasto plates or pick-n-mix plates of dairy, meats and veggie sticks
Hot weather recipe ideas






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