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What to bring when ‘you’re not to bring a thing’

All too often when you’re invited to a party, barbecue or dinner, you’ll ask the host what you can bring – only to be met with the response, ‘you’re not to bring a thing.’ And although it may be acceptable to turn up empty-handed, your instinct is probably to want to provide a small contribution to your friend or family member’s event.

So, what do you bring when you’re instructed not to bring a thing? The classic loaf of bread, box of chocolates or bottle of wine can be a nice idea and much appreciated by hosts, but why not put a little thought and love into your contribution and make something delicious that can be shared at the event, or kept and enjoyed by your host the next day? You may not want to show your host up with your baking or cooking prowess, but a small thoughtful, homemade treat will never be turned away!

Need some ideas for what to bring along on these occasions? We’ve rounded up some deliciously simple ideas. Give these a go and pleasantly surprise the host at your next event …

What to bring when you’re ‘not to bring a thing’







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