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Ways to dress up plain yoghurt

You’ve probably at one point or another explored the yoghurt aisle and chosen a selection that looked delicious, only to later discover that your seemingly non-guilty treat was indeed, very guilty. It’s one of those ingredients that can contain more sugar than one would initially think.

But not all tasty yoghurt is on the naughty list. Choose the right yoghurt and you’ve got yourself a fantastic low GI source of dairy, that is high in probiotics.

One of the best options, is a natural un-flavoured Greek yoghurt. What’s great, is that this kind of yoghurt is a blank canvas that you can dress up. Make it sweet with fruit and nuts or savoury with cucumber and dill, the options are endless! Plain greek yoghurt is also a great ingredient to use in Indian food, or Mexican as a sour cream substitute..

Our friends at The Dairy Kitchen have shared with us the clever video above, which showcases five ways to dress up plain yoghurt! From apple pie flavoured yoghurt to blueberry crunch. These ideas are perfect for breaky or an easy afternoon snack.

Five ways to dress up plain yoghurt

Different ways to dress up plain yoghurt


1. Strawberries & Cream

Plain yoghurt + strawberry jam + fresh strawberries + roasted almonds



2. Cool Cucumber

Plain yoghurt + ripe avocado + cucumber + dukkah




3. Nutty Nana

Plain yoghurt + fresh banana + tahini + sliced hazelnuts + honey




4.  Blueberry Crunch

Plain yoghurt + fresh blueberries + passionfruit + pumpkin seeds




5. Apple Pie

Plain yoghurt + stewed apple + walnuts + cinnamon



Yoghurt also works wonderfully in an array of delicious sweet and savoury recipes. Scroll through the easy ideas below to see a few favourites



*DISCLAIMER: The Dairy Kitchen is a contributing recipe Partner at myfoodbook.com.au. This feature includes a mix of content sourced from The Dairy Kitchen team and our own opinions. Find out more about The Dairy Kitchen

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