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The Art and Science of Waffles

What do we know about Waffles? That they remind us of Canadian winters. That the first waffle recipe was penned in the late 14th century…(thanks Google).

One thing we all know about waffles is that they’re delicious. Light, fluffy batter cooked to perfection and topped with decadent ingredients like ice cream, maple syrup, fruits and chocolate.

Oh dear, we’re getting hungry grumbles as we write this!

Someone who knows a lot more than us about waffles is Heston Blumenthal. He certainly has a knack for getting into the scientific nitty gritty of food matters. He uses the Breville Waffle maker to perfect his waffles, and he’s filmed this video to give us a run down on how waffle batter works and how to control those sticky situations. Take a look here:


Now you know the ins and outs of waffle batter and how to make easy, golden waffles, would you also like some recipes to try?  With both savoury and sweet choices, clearly no one could settle on one meal time to enjoy them!

The team at Breville Food Thinkers have created a fantastic collection of waffle recipes (see a sample below).   Their nifty little Waffle Pro makes a perfect waffle in minutes, and they’ve come up with some seriously good topping and filling ideas that are so delightful and different.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Savoury Waffles

Delicious savoury waffle recipes by Breville

Aussie Vegemite and Cheddar Waffle, Potato Rosti With Tomato Salsa Waffle, Danish Feta and Spinach Waffle. Recipes courtesy of Breville.


Sweet Waffles

Delicious sweet waffle recipe ideas from Breville

Dark Chocolate and Honeycomb Waffle, French Brioche with Marmalade Waffle, Banana Pecan and Caramel with Coconut Ice Cream Waffle. Recipes courtesy of Breville.


You can view the complete recipe collection on the myfoodbook website where you can also make a personalised cookbook filled with your favourite recipes.   You can also create your own Waffle collection and upload them to your book too!

So there you have it – Waffle lovers paradise!  We’d love to know your favourite waffle topping ideas too so feel free to share.

Happy cooking!


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