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Mushroom Lasagne Recipe with a spinach and ricotta topping


There isn’t a week that goes by in our household that someone doesn’t ask for lasagne for dinner. This classic brings humble bolognese together with layers of cheesy goodness. What you are presented with is a delicious dish that works wonderfully with a fresh side salad.

So when our friends at Australian Mushrooms presented us with this fabulous idea we were singing their praises for days. Because not only can we deliver with the idea of lasagne, we are still putting a veggie packed dish on the table.

With plenty of delicious mushrooms smuggled into the base bolognese sauce this idea isn’t just much tastier it is made much healthier too. Plus the spinach and ricotta topping is an absolute winner when paired with the tomato based bolognese.


Mushroom Lasagne Recipe


The base recipe used to make this lasagne idea is also fantastic for other recipes. All you have to do is make one large batch, freeze and you have these 6 ways to use mushroom bolognese. Like a recipe for easy 12-minute Spaghetti Bolognese and and an idea for Mushroom Sloppy Joes that the kids will love.


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