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The pasta bake recipe that all cooks must make

Pasta bakes are the perfect weeknight family dinner idea. Even the words ‘pasta bake’ instantly warrant thoughts of rich and warming comfort food. They can easily be filled with tuna or bacon, seasonal veggies and of course, cheesy goodness! Pasta bake recipes are also incredibly easy,  filling and most importantly extremely delicious.

And if you thought that penne was the only match for pasta bake, think again.  Shell pasta is also a perfect partner for a pasta bake. The shell captures all the flavour of the sauce, and when baked the shell pasta edges have a beautiful crispy finish that catches every bit of cheesy goodness.

And of all the pasta bakes that need to be on your cooking bucket list, this Baked Pumpkin and Ricotta Version should be near the top. With over 700 recipe collects from the myfoodbook audience this beautiful baked pumpkin, spinach and ricotta stuffed shells pasta bake recipe is a clear winner. Made with delicious seasonal ingredients like pumpkin, which is in its golden glory, blended with spinach and creamy ricotta, this tasty dish is one to serve up at your next dinner party. It is sure to receive some serious “oohs and aahs”.

Tips for a better bake

To get the most out of this delicious recipe, remember the following tricks:

  1. Use the right pasta – Try to pick a kind that is ribbed, as this holds the sauce in
  2. Cook the pasta to a little less than aldente. It will finish cooking during the baking process
  3. Don’t rinse the pasta after draining as the starch on the pasta will help the sauce thicken
  4. If needed finish under the grill to get the toasty, golden corners and edges
  5. After cooking let the bake rest
The ultimate Pasta Bake Recipe

This delicious baked pumpkin, spinach and ricotta stuffed shells pasta bake recipe is a bucket list item. Sweet pumpkin, smokey bacon and creamy ricotta, finished off with the perfect blend of cheese for baking.


*DISCLAIMER: Perfect Italiano is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Perfect Italiano and our own opinions. You can find out more about Perfect Italiano Cheese, here. 

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