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Simple Mushroom and Pork Pinwheels Recipe

They look ever-so impressive, so you will struggle to believe just how easy pinwheels are to make! Just like our friends at Australian Mushrooms have done in the video above – simply fill a sheet of puff pastry with pork and mushroom filling, roll and slice! Then transfer to the oven until golden for a delicious snack idea the whole family will love.

5 pinwheel ideas to try

Channelling the traditional sausage roll – the idea above for Pork and Mushroom Pinwheels is an absolute winner! Here are 5 more ideas to try with pinwheels:

  • Pizza style pinwheels filled with tomato passata, mushrooms, ham and olives
  • Puff pastry pinwheels filled with spinach and feta
  • Ham and Pineapple pinwheels
  • Cinnamon scroll style pinwheels
  • Baklava style pinwheels


Mushroom and Pork Pinwheels – Get the recipe


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