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Easy creamy béchamel sauce recipe

Tips for mastering creamy béchamel sauce

There’s a secret that many great cooks hold very close. One that they would prefer you not to know…

What is this secret you ask? They’re serial recipe repeaters… Kind of like if you were to wear the same pair of pants three days running. Because the pants were all things comfortable, reliable and stylish! Cooking is just the same. So when we learn great recipes by heart, we repeat them, adapt them and make them multiple ways. It makes us look very clever, but in truth – we’ve just mastered the basics!

Take béchamel sauce. A classic french sauce recipe, which is started off by creating a roux – a combination of butter and flour.

This creamy sauce in fact has no cream, but oh boy is it smooth, silky and delicious, particularly with the addition of cheese. And because we’ve mastered this one made with Devondale dairy, we’ve also mastered Mac n Cheese, Crepes and an Indulgent Sandwich.

Before you get going… Here are 5 tips to help you master béchamel sauce. With these tips in mind, you will never be left with a lumpy sauce or a sauce that doesn’t thicken:

Achieve perfect creamy béchamel sauce, then use it for delicious ideas like pasta bake or chicken and mushroom crepes

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Bechamel sauce – Get the recipe


Three ways to use creamy béchamel sauce

3 ways to use a béchamel sauce recipe

We made these delicious recipes with Devondale 3 Cheese Blend! A delicious blend of mozzarella, parmesan and tasty cheese.

With this one base béchamel sauce recipe, we also created:


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