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Marinade recipes we made with the Breville Boss to Go Personal Blender

Just like the humble kettle and toaster – the personal blender has become our new “use everyday” appliance for meal preparation. This compact machine blends whole ingredients to a smoother texture within seconds all while being efficient and incredibly easy to clean with a quick rinse.

It’s mastered our morning breakfast smoothie, but it’s time to take the personal blender a step further. It’s no secret we love getting the most out of what’s in our kitchen and appliances are no exception!

So when the team at Breville provided us with a new Boss to Go to play with, we decided to think beyond smoothies and smoothie bowls and instead created three incredible marinade recipes.

With a quick blitz, that’s about 5 seconds in this powerful appliance, fresh ingredients easily blend and become a smooth textured marinade; turning a simple piece of chicken, fish or lamb into something fabulously flavourful and impressive.

Watch below to see just how easy these marinade recipes are, then collect the recipes on the Breville collection at myfoodbook.

Easy Asian Chilli & Coconut Marinade

All the Asian flavours we love, in one marinade. Coconut milk is the perfect counterpart to green chilli, garlic and ginger in this marinade which is divine on salmon or perfect with prawns.

Make a quick asian fish marinade with the Breville Boss to Go using this recipe

Use this marinade for: Easy Asian Salmon

Tandoori Marinade

Traditional Indian tandoori has never been easier. A balance of acidity and spice is perfected with the addition of greek yoghurt to give you a thick marinade that will tenderise your chicken or meat.

Make a tandoori marinade in the Breville Boss to Go Blender

Pair your marinated tandoori chicken with basmati rice and pappadams and dinner is sorted.

Use this marinade for: Tandoori Roast Chicken


Learn more about the Breville Boss to Go Personal Blender, it can create incredible smoothies and marinades within seconds

Lemon Garlic and Rosemary Marinade

Thick mustard with a zesty kick of lemon, a rustic note of rosemary and a bite of garlic, blitzed to perfection in around five seconds. This fresh, flavour-packed marinade is a match made in heaven with lamb… or any meat of your choice.

Marinate meat in a zip lock bag for four hours or overnight. See the full how-to-video below.

Make an easy lemon, garlic and rosemary marinade in the Breville Boss to Go Blender

Use this marinade for: Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder

Learn more about the Breville Boss to Go Personal Blender, it can create incredible smoothies and marinades within seconds

*DISCLAIMER: Breville is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Breville and our own opinions.  Find out more information about the Breville Boss to Go Personal Blender here.

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