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How to make chocolate ganache – three ways

Rich and glossy, chocolate ganache, is one of the most deceivingly simple dessert toppings that in actual fact, requires precision and a little bit of science.

However, once you do get it right, you get it very right and before you know it, smooth and creamy ganache will appear  on all of your cakes and favourite desserts.

Ganache only has two ingredients – chocolate and cream. So how can it be, that it is used for everything from firm truffles to runny pour over chocolate dessert sauce?

The answer: It’s all in the ratio. The thicker you want your ganache to be, the more chocolate and the less cream you should use.

Here’s a break down of the ratio’s for 3 different consistencies of gloriously glossy ganache:

Firm ganache

Best for: Truffles or a layer in a sweet slice

Ratio: 2 parts chocolate to 1 part thickened full cream

Soft-medium ganache

Best for: Layering cakes, Macaroon filling, Thick cake icing

Ratio: 1 part chocolate to 1 part thickened full cream

Pourable ganache

Best for: Thin runny icing for covering a whole cake or tart, chocolate sauce for ice cream

Ratio: 1 part chocolate to 2 parts thickened full cream

How to make a ganache recipe?

Once you pick the correct ratio for what you want to achieve, start by bringing your cream to a simmer on the stove. Once fully heated, transfer the cream to a room temperature bowl. Add your finely chopped chocolate or chocolate chips to the bowl and let them sit in the heated cream for up to 5 minutes. Then stir through to combine well with a wooden spoon.

By letting your chocolate sit in the heated mixture, you allow the chocolate to melt without cooling down your cream rapidly. This produces a mix that is smooth and doesn’t have any un-melted lumps of chocolate.

You can also use the double boiler method to melt your chocolate. You would then simply just add the melted chocolate, to the heated cream.

How to thicken runny chocolate ganache?

If you do add too much cream to your ganache and you want to thicken the consistency, pop it in to the fridge for at least 2 hours. The cooling process will have solidifying effect on the ganache.

If you still feel that your ganache needs thickening, you can add more melted chocolate or a small amount of icing sugar. Keep in mind that if you do add icing sugar, it will change the flavour and colour of your ganache.


Recipes using Chocolate Ganache




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