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How to make an easy béchamel sauce recipe

A sauce that will take you from lasagne to pasta bakes, pies and beyond – a great béchamel sauce recipe is one that needs to be part of your basic cooking repertoire. It’s easy and cheesy and incredibly satisfying when added to your favourite dishes.

With only a few ingredients you can have this béchamel sauce made from scratch in less than 15 minutes. The recipe starts off with a roux, the thickening element in the sauce, and slowly adds milk and cheese to create a creamy and thick consistency.

The process of making a roux is one that many cooks are unsure of. It’s important to acknowledge that at first you may feel like you’ve made an error. The combination of butter, flour and milk, will initially create a lumpy consistency, so you must whisk away until the lumps start to disappear and a glossy texture forms.

Once you have your desired consistency, add grated tasty cheese and stir over a low heat until combined. You can then simply add to a pasta with veggies for a pasta bake, top a lasagne or serve as a side to tuna patties for a fast weeknight meal.

Here are our top 5 ways to use this simple cheese béchamel sauce recipe

1. Lasagne

One of our all time favourites, make a traditional lasagne with bolognese or a veggie lasagne with pumpkin and spinach and top with creamy béchamel sauce for a hearty and filling family favourite.

2. Mac ‘n’ Cheese

This one is a given, we love easy mac and cheese and it is the perfect comfort food to curl up on the couch and enjoy.

3. Pasta and Potato bake

Add your favourite veggies to pasta with béchamel sauce or add your sauce to thinly sliced potatoes for a baked in the oven beauty! These dishes are timeless, so you will always have a reason to make this incredible sauce.

4. Cauliflower Cheese

A great way to enjoy this winter veg. Bake cauliflower florets with béchamel sauce a sprinkle of cheese and serve with your favourite baked dinner.

5. A topping for Steak

Creamy sauce is the perfect condiment for a perfectly cooked steak. Serve with mashed potatoes or your favourite baked potatoes for an impressive dinner. 

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