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Macaroni and Cheese Muffins

School lunchbox ideas that aren’t sandwiches

Long gone are the days where a ‘sambo’, a piece of fruit and bottle of water would do the lunchbox trick. Oh no, today it’s all about fancy lunch boxes with various compartments and carefully colour coordinated treats.

While we certainly do appreciate a bit of food creativity, we aren’t sure that nailing a school lunch needs to be all about the aesthetics. Instead, we believe that creating delicious lunches, is all about a bit of batch cooking, and a think outside the box approach when it comes to sandwich alternatives.

Once inspired, there are many ways to add veggies, protein and carbs to a lunch idea that is suitable for lunchbox travel. Think veggie muffins, slices, scrolls, wraps or mini quiches! These ideas pack a nutritional punch, while all being kid-friendly and easy to carry to school.

So next time you ask the question, did you eat your lunch? We hope you are met with a firm yes and an empty lunchbox!

Here are our ten top sandwich alternatives for the lunchbox 

Scroll through our 10 favourite ideas, or view the entire collection of sandwich free lunchbox ideas, here

Sandwich free lunchbox ideas for kids who hate sandwiches











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