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Incredible fluffy Omelette Recipe

There are a few simple tricks to perfect an egg omelette recipe. Once you nail these tricks – omelettes go from basic breakfast to a beautiful dish that can be dressed up with any of your favourite toppings. A sprinkle of feta, a handful of chopped mushrooms or a garnish of fresh herbs – you will never run out of ways to change up this classic.

Begin with 2 large or 3 medium sized eggs beaten. Add a pinch of salt and pepper before pouring the egg mixture into a heated, buttered pan. Then, as displayed in the cooking video above, swirl immediately to ensure even cooking. This tip will make flipping your omelette, a breeze.

Once you get this simple technique right – mix it up by trying one of the delicious omelette ideas from the myfoodbook collection. Like a herb and smoked fish omelette or a sweet omelette with chocolate, fresh cream and berries!

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